25 Animal Careers For Introverts

25 Animal Careers For Introverts: Interested in an animal career? Check out these 25 ideas for introverts. Plus take the FREE Animal Career Quiz.

Are You An Introvert?

Thanks to people like Susan Cain – we are finally starting to embrace our introversion and announce it to the world.

The internet has allowed us to shine in a safe way.

If you’re not sure if you are an introvert, read this post about the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). It explains the importance of our personality type in choosing a career. Introversion versus Extroversion is just one of the four indicators in the MBTI.

It is important to note that being an introvert or extrovert is not about being shy or confident. It is about how we gain our energy. Do you gain energy from being alone or around people? What drains you? 

Here are 25 Animal Careers For Introverts:

  1. Veterinary Technician This career is one of the more common careers, and I have included it as an introverted career as there are many opportunities to take the introverted route. For example, you may focus on being a surgery technician, or an x-ray technician.
  2. Veterinary Medical Laboratory Technician This career involves testing blood, faeces and other bodily fluids for microbes, parasites, biochemistry and genetic disorders.
  3. Graphic Designer We all know that graphic design is a booming industry as more and more websites are created daily. Options here could include working for a company or going freelance.
  4. Software Engineer Again a booming industry where you could work for a company or go freelance. Ideas here could include designing apps or marketing software for vet clinics.
  5. Writer There a many options here. You could write non-fiction, fiction, news stories, human interest stories…
  6. Blogger Another big opportunity here. The important decision here would be what your niche would be. Check out the pet blogger awards for some cool ideas.
  7. Pet Adoption Counselor Help match pets with their perfect family. Interaction with people would be limited to small numbers at a time.
  8. Animator Think Pixar, gaming, music videos…
  9. Entomologist An entomologist studies insects so a deep interest in bugs would be necessary.
  10. Habitat Specialist Fancy designing zoo enclosures or habitats for sanctuaries?
  11. Pet Groomer Making pets beautiful is a booming industry nowadays. Work for a business, start your own, or even run a mobile grooming business.
  12. Underwater Photographer Think beautiful photographs in National Geographic…
  13. Wildlife Photographer Again National Geographic springs to mind but there are many many options here. Writing non-fiction books, feature articles, providing photos for bloggers…
  14. Illustrator This career could take you down the cartoon illustration route or into beautiful artistic illustration.
  15. Scientific Illustrator This sort of illustration is what you find in textbooks, scientific journals, and as gorgeous prints for sale. A very solitary career.

Free Animal Career Quiz - take the quiz and find out which animal-related careers will suit YOUR PERSONALITY. Get a custom report listing 20 animal careers that may be a good fit for YOU!

16. Wildlife Rehabilitator Did you always rescue stray animals as a child? Perhaps working for a non-profit or government agency may be an option for you.

17. Animal Behaviorist Fascinated by why animals behave the way they do? Always watching nature documentaries? Perhaps you have a particular animal you have always been fascinated with. Think Jane Goodall.

18. Animal Shelter Worker Care for the homeless animals until they find their forever home.

19. Zoo Keeper Work in a zoo, lots of solitary time (from humans anyway).

20. Pet Nutrition Specialist Give pet owners dieting tips (for their pets!) or work for a pet food company formulating improved recipes. You could even focus on herbal nutrition for health.

21. Crafter Head over to Etsy and see the wonderful animal-themed creations on offer. Also check out this post if your doubting mind is not convinced you could make a living.

22. Pet Party Planner Plan parties for pets – what fun! I see this one as a growing industry.

23. Online Pet Supplies Open an online store selling pet supplies. Your niche may be important here in order to stand out from the big companies. Tutus for pigs, Hats for ferrets, nappies for incontinent pets….

24. Pet Memorial Jewelry Maker Losing our fur-babies is a very hard process. We want to honour our pets and a beautiful piece of personalised jewellery is a wonderful way to do that.

25. Dog Trainer This could involve dog obedience training, police dog training or even guide dog training. Many routes that would suit introverts.

Free Animal Career Quiz - take the quiz and find out which animal-related careers will suit YOUR PERSONALITY. Get a custom report listing 20 animal careers that may be a good fit for YOU!