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ANIMAL CAREER SPOTLIGHT: Pet Photographer – Antonia Steeg

Welcome to my new ANIMAL CAREER Interview Series: I’ll be sharing interviews with animal lovers who have lives, careers &  businesses that help or celebrate animals. It will be a wonderful showcase of ANIMAL LOVERS WHO LIVE MEANINGFUL LIVES, CAREERS & BUSINESSES. First up in the series is PET PHOTOGRAPHER: Antonia Steeg who shares about her career and advice for having a meaningful animal career. 


Stop Should-ing On Yourself

I’m a ‘Should-er’.


So what is should-ing?

  • Using the word ‘should’ in your head or out loud.
  • Making decisions based on what you ‘should’ do.
  • Trying to please others based on that ‘should-ing’ voice in your head.


Here are some examples…


  • I should go to that birthday party.
  • I should clean up the house.
  • I should be more outgoing.
  • I should learn about world history…