4 Reasons Why You Haven’t Discovered Your Dream Animal Career (Yet!)

Struggling to find your dream animal career? In this blog post I share the 4 biggest mistakes I made when trying to find my dream animal career! Also check out the FREE 5 Day Pawsitive Purpose Mini Course!

4 Reasons Why You Haven’t Discovered Your Dream Animal Career (YET!)

Are you frustrated that you just can’t seem to figure out which animal career is right for you?

I know that feeling well! And I’m here to help!

But I’m warning you. I’m not going to share the cookie cutter advice you can get anywhere.

In this blog post, I’m getting down and dirty and personal. I’ve learnt valuable lessons through my mistakes – now its time for you to benefit from them (the pain-free way).

I’m here to help you discover YOUR DREAM ANIMAL CAREER! The one that is the ‘pawfect’ fit for YOU!


Mistake #1

MAKING DECISIONS OUT OF DESPERATION: Looking back I’ve made many decisions out of desperation. You can generally tell when looking back, because you realise it required a LOT of effort to make the decision and it all felt FORCED.

Me in 2011: Aghhhhh! I hate my job. My work is meaningless. I’m not making a difference. The only thing I am good at is being a good Mama to my pets. Ok – this jobs sucks – I can’t do it anymore. I have to do something, anything that is related to animals….researches animal careers constantly. Perhaps I need to revisit the idea of being a vet nurse? (Looked into this as a teenager and decided I couldn’t deal with animals being put to sleep etc). I look into vet nursing studies. I start to tell myself I need to toughen up. I start watching animal documentaries (something I have never been able to watch because I get too upset). Tell myself, yes, I can toughen up, keep working at it Andrea. Enrol in one vet nursing paper online. Hates the science and I am reminded why I left my Science career behind. Attends the vet nursing block course. Ho-hum. Does work experience at a vet clinic. Hates it. Was exhausted and on edge the entire time. Found the science part of it boring. FINALLY realises the the teenage version of me had it right all along! I then proceed to beat myself up about making this mistake.

TAKE HOME MESSAGE: The uncovering of your life purpose will happen naturally. It won’t feel like you are forcing it or rushing it. You taking this course is an example of INSPIRED ACTION. You feel inspired to do the work and exercises.

The ‘right’ decisions generally make you feel CALM, they feel NATURAL, and unforced. The decision or change seems to happen quite ORGANICALLY and you may even feel like it FALLS INTO PLACE, or is just MEANT TO BE.

Mistake #2

It can be really easy to stay in your own head (especially if you are an introvert like me). The trouble with that is you only know what you know.

So when I say the mistake is ‘thinking you know everything’ – I don’t mean that in an ego kind of way. I mean that as in:


For example: you might have a list in your head of all the ways you can think of to help animals or be of service. How long is your list? I’ve got a list too. My list is a different length to yours AND I bet you it’s got lots of different things on it than your list. You will have thought of things I would NEVER have thought of and vice versa.

Do you see what I am getting at? By staying in your own head, you aren’t exploring ALL the options. When I was in my last year of high school, I could only think of 4 animal careers. Early 1990s 🙂 There was no internet and all I had to go on were the animal careers that I had personally encountered during my life in a small town in New Zealand. Were there only 4 animal careers available to me? NO WAY! But I didn’t know otherwise.

TAKE HOME MESSAGE: You don’t know everything, just like I don’t know everything. Start exploring the internet, talking to your family and friends, talk to local businesses. Some people will suggest the same ideas that you have already thought of. That’s what happened to me. They would tell me I should be a vet or vet nurse (haha!) But you might get lucky and ONE person or encounter will glean a MAGICAL LITTLE NUGGET of wisdom into your life purpose!

Mistake #3

GIVING UP: I can’t say this enough….

Giving up does not & will not benefit anybody.

Remember what happened to me when I gave up. Once I recommitted to finding my purpose, I had to try and climb back out of my deep dark depression. But I just KNEW that I couldn’t figure out my purpose while I was so weak and vulnerable. I knew I needed to do something small that gave me that sense of meaning I was so desperately craving. So for me, I started volunteering at Riding for the Disabled. It is an organisation here in New Zealand where mentally and physically disabled children get to ride therapy horses. I got a wonderful sense of fulfilment doing this and MOST IMPORTANTLY – it was a way to be of service in the animal-field without me worrying about the animals or feeling sad for their situation. Those horses were totally pampered! This little story also ties in with Mistake #2 above. I didn’t know about Riding for the Disabled – and somebody else suggested it to me!

TAKE HOME MESSAGE: While you are working on uncovering your life purpose, choose some way to be of service RIGHT NOW. It might not be THE ONE THING you are destined for but you will get a sense of fulfilment from it. It will help keep you going while you continue your search.

Mistake #4

PLAYING SMALL: This a simple mistake but a BIG one. In my opinion, we decide to play small for 2 main reasons.

  1. Playing big just seems too scary! It’s the unknown. It’s unchartered territory! Who knows what could happen!
  2. Our mind/ego tries to keep us small with thoughts like “Who am I to do that?” or “Who do I think I am to want to be or do that?”

These two reasons mean we can end up not even being totally honest with ourselves to start with! You may even block out your deepest dream or desire or life purpose because it is too big, it seems impossible or you think that PURPOSE belongs to somebody else who could do it better!

It’s all lies. Lies we tell ourselves to keep us safe and small.

Two wonderful quotes from Marianne Williamson, that sum up this topic:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us.”

“Your playing small does not serve the world.”

TAKE HOME MESSAGE: You have a UNIQUE LIFE PURPOSE that only YOU can deliver or provide. Work on removing the obstacles that are holding you back from playing big.

So those are the 4 big mistakes I see animal lovers making in their quest to discover their dream animal career. Take some time to make sure you don’t head down those dark alley ways.

Your (mistake-making) friend,