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I have a confession.

I’m a ‘Should-er’.

So what is should-ing?

  • Using the word ‘should’ in your head or out loud.
  • Making decisions based on what you ‘should’ do.
  • Trying to please others based on that ‘should-ing’ voice in your head.

Here are some examples…

  • I should go to that birthday party.
  • I should clean up the house.
  • I should be more outgoing.
  • I should learn about world history,
  • I should care about…
  • I should phone such and such.
  • I should make more of an effort with …
  • I should work harder.
  • I should get up earlier.
  • I should go to bed earlier.
  • I should clean the fridge.
  • I should look at my budget….

Have you been ‘Should-ing’ lately?

If you are having trouble with the SHOULD-ING, ask yourself this:

  • Does your pet use the word ‘should’?
  • Do you think a wild elephant uses the word should?
  • Does a dolphin using the word should?

And if you are having trouble with this concept, ask yourself this question.

  • Does a CAT use the word should?

I don’t think so.

We can learn from the animals.

Start living and making decisions based on:

What you WANT to do.

What you feel called to do.

By ‘should-ing’ – we are not being our authentic selves.

We are hiding behind a mask of what we ‘think’ we should be.

Try and NOT use the word SHOULD.

Try and NOT make decisions based on it.

Ban it!

Let me know how you get on.

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