101 Ways to Help Animals

101 Ways To Help Animals (without your heart breaking in the process). Check out this list of creative ways to help animals. Also includes a FREE downloadable checklist for easy reference and inspiration.

Hey there Compassionate Animal-Lover!

I’m guessing since you made it to this page – you are a caring and heart-centred animal lover who wants to help the animals of the world.

Yay! You are in exactly the right place.
It’s no coincidence that this website is called PURPOSE ANIMAL!

Anyway, you probably just want to get to the list right? The list of 101 Ways to Help Animals (without your heart breaking in the process).

CHECKLIST NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD. Please just print the blog post if you want a copy to keep.

101 WAYS TO HELP ANIMALS (without your heart breaking in the process)

  1. Buy handmade items from shops that are part of Etsy for Animals
  2. Learn pet massage for your pets,
  3. Buy cruelty free products and cosmetics,
  4. Knit puppy jumpers for your local rescue,
  5. Sign petitions online,
  6. Place sugar water outside for the bees,
  7. Donate food to your favourite rescue,
  8. Make handcrafts and sell them and donate the profits to charity,
  9. Send love and healing energy to a group of animals,
  10. Clean up your local beach,
  11. Encourage your community, friends & family to spay and neuter,
  12. Support pet friendly businesses,
  13. Share uplifting animal stories or cuteness on Social Media,
  14. Sponsor an animal,
  15. In lieu of birthday gifts, ask for donations to your favourite charity,
  16. Donate your skills to a rescue organisation,
  17. Use paper or fabric shopping bags,
  18. Make your own jewellery that you sell to raise money,
  19. Visualise a happy future for animals,
  20. Try Meatless Monday,
  21. Put your pet’s excess hair/fur outside for birds to use in their nests,
  22. Put a box and old blanket under your house for stray or homeless animals,
  23. Volunteer to walk an elderly or sick neighbour’s dog,
  24. Volunteer to walk dogs at your local animal rescue,
  25. Offer to take photos of animals at animal rescues,
  26. Make toys that animals in shelters can play with,
  27. Donate food to your local rescue (ask first if they need it, and what type),
  28. Contact your local rescue and ask them what items they most need donated, then organise a collection,
  29. Donate items for an animal charity auction,
  30. Organise an auction with funds going to your charity of choice,
  31. Place bird boxes in your garden,
  32. Plant flowers for butterflies and bees,
  33. Write a gratitude list of all the ways you are grateful to animals,
  34. Make a regular donation to charity,
  35. Sponsor a guide dog or therapy animal,
  36. Foster rescue animals,
  37. Knit puppy sweaters for rescues,
  38. Knit penguin coats for penguins affected by oil spills,
  39. Sew jackets/coats for ex-battery chickens,
  40. Learn animal communication (how to talk to animals telepathically),
  41. Learn energy healing for animals so you can send healing to those in need,
  42. Send blessings, love & healing to deceased or suffering animals,
  43. Offer to conduct Social Media promotions for charities,
  44. Talk to school children about animal welfare,
  45. Go on a vacation where you volunteer at an animal rescue,
  46. Make/create a calendar that charities can sell,
  47. Go Vegetarian
  48. Adopt an animal from a rescue,
  49. Go Vegan,
  50. Spay or neuter your own pets,
  51. Buy free-range eggs,
  52. Donate money to charity in you Will,
  53. Put a fundraising collection jar in your place of work,
  54. Visualise a happy future for animals,
  55. Prepare disaster kits for pets,
  56. Buy fundraiser calendars as gifts,
  57. Support pet businesses that promote ‘Adopt, don’t shop’
  58. Ask for donations in lieu of wedding gifts,
  59. Hang up fliers or do mail drops for charities,
  60. Play with cats or dogs at shelters,
  61. Provide pet services to charities, eg dog behaviour, nail trims, grooming,
  62. Offer to write adoption profiles for rescues,
  63. Donate newspapers to rescues,
  64. Recycle and reduce waste,
  65. Make/sew beds or blankets for rescues,
  66. Start a blog or social media page for a cause you care about,
  67. Organise a doggy fashion show fund raiser,
  68. Choose a charity or cause that you want to be the voice for,
  69. Give your animal-loving friends a birthday gift of an animal sponsorship,
  70. Make digital products that charities can sell to raise money,
  71. Treat the rescue volunteers to something nice like baking, a card or a party,
  72. Share ‘available for adoption’ posts on your Social Media accounts,
  73. Offer transportation services for rescues (to vet clinics, rescue transfers)
  74. Buy books that donate proceeds (or a portion) to animal charities,
  75. Grow or go organic in your own garden,
  76. Learn how to support endangered animals,
  77. Throw your pet a birthday party with donations as gifts,
  78. Learn pet massage (for your pets or for rescue animals in shelters)
  79. Choose a name for your pet that embodies their personality or essence,
  80. Purchase items from animal charity shops,
  81. Make art that can be auctioned for charity,
  82. Buy cruelty-free fashion,
  83. Learn about different animal charities/issues/causes,
  84. Put a plan in place for your pet’s future in case something happens to you,
  85. Encourage your place of work to become a pet-friendly workplace,
  86. Get involved with catch, neuter and release if this is an option in your area,
  87. When searching or shopping online, choose GoodSearch and select a charity of your choice,
  88. Offer to write grants applications for your local rescue,
  89. Offer to manage charity websites,
  90. Encourage your children to organise fundraisers,
  91. Write to local or national representatives about causes you care about,
  92. Keep a ‘compassion kit’ in your car in case you need to transport an animal in a hurry during an emergency,
  93. Avoid any form of entertainment that involves the use of animals,
  94. Speak up if you see abuse or cruelty,
  95. Remind your colleagues & friends that adoption is forever & should be taken seriously,
  96. Wear t-shirts that promote or encourage the respect & well being of animals, through imagery or words,
  97. Be the best pet parent you can be,
  98. Choose to travel to destinations that protect & respect animals,
  99. Visit the Animal Rescue Site and Shop to Give or Click to Give,
  100. Share this list on Facebook or Twitter,
  101.  Give yourself a pat on the back for being a fabulous & purposeful animal lover!